Crikes, it’s suddenly Saturday 9th January and there’s tons to say already. But before I launch into the shenanigans of 2010, I thought it would be best to provide a wee bit of background info.

You can find me living somewhere in West London, on a leafy road in a three bedroom flat. I live with two charming girls: KFG and Penelope, (we’ll call her Penny). We’ve been living in our eccentric residence for over two months now, and we’re very comfy, thank you very much.

KFG is a budding fabric designer – preparing herself to rival Liberty with her fabulous floral prints. Penny is a party planner, who swans around London and throws the chicest, most exclusive parties in town.

My real home is in the countryside in a picturesque village that boasts a rather good pub. The parents live at home, but my older brother David (who’s just got engaged to the lovely Lucy) lives down the road from me in Battersea.

In-between leaving home and coming to London, I spent three years in a pretty standard university town and one dreamy year living in Paris.

I’ve only ever had two serious boyfriends. One started off as a friend – became a boyfriend – and is now back to being just a friend. The other can only be described as the Italian shit. Glamorous, suave and attractively foreign, but underneath it all, a nasty piece of work.

So there is my brief overview, but more will be revealed.