Mr Pommeroy, Mr Winterbottom, Sir Toby and Admiral von Schneider don’t mean much to the average punter. However, if you say these names to a German, he’ll break into a hearty belly laugh.

So what’s the joke? Are we missing something? Well, apparently yes!

These slightly out-moded names make up the key characters in the cult comedy ‘Dinner For One.’ This eighteen minute, black and white sketch is quite literally a legend auf Deutschland. On New Year’s Eve, every German channel broadcasts the show, not just once, but several times during the night – and the German population watches in awe, finding the whole thing hysterically funny.

It does seem more that a bit curious that an English speaking show, filmed back in 1963 has become such a German hit. For one it’s not even in their native language and for two it’s not even that funny.

So as I watched the infamous ‘Dinner For One,’ on New Year’s Eve, amongst 20 laughing Germans, I could not help smirking to myself at the bizarreness of the whole situation.

What’s the verdict? You decide…