It was the first Monday morning of the New Year, and I found myself back in London, applying -yet again- to a fresh round of jobs.

Before Christmas, the dismal and unsuccessful task of finding a job had really got me down, but fresh from my German adventure I was in an unprecedentedly good mood. Not five minutes into my daily search on the Guardian Jobs website, did I get a phone call from a very posh recruitment agency in South Kensington.

“KK, We’ve got a faaarntastic temp role for you. It’s for a terribly clever man. He’s an entrepreneur, from Cuba or Africa or somethang, and he’s in need of a frightfully efficient PA for a week or two.”

Image credit: Stiletto Model Sam, Flikr

If I’m being honest, I’m not the best PA material. I’ve got no secretarial skills, I’m ever so slightly clumsy and I don’t much like being ordered around. But in these hard times, I simply can’t turn down the chance to earn a bit of cash.

Naturally I accepted, and before I could say ‘Jack Robinson’ I found myself standing outside a whopping great mansion on Gloucester Road. This was going to be my office for the next week.