I’ve just finished reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Wow.

I picked up the raunchy read for 20p in a little charity shop in Northampton, but nothing could have prepared me for the rampant sauce that it provided.

D.H.Lawrence wrote the novel in 1928, and he was certainly not afraid of breaking boundaries. It took England a good thirty years to accept the author’s more liberal approach to discussing sex. The book was finally published in 1960, and even then it caused outrage.

If you’re like me and you read over people’s shoulders on the tube – then you would have been in for a few sexy surprises if you were standing next to me. On more than one occasion I felt obliged to close the book. Certain scenes were just not appropriate for a packed tube.

Fight the prude within you and get a copy. It’s quite a read.

Thumbs down to Clifford. Thumbs up to Mellors.