My first gig as a promoter happened that very same day. Armed with two crates of Alibi and a hefty wad of leaflets I headed to a swanky office in the West End.

Completely under-qualified for my impending task, I bounded into the office and set up my stand by the canteen. I’m not gonna lie, I was looking quite the part with my Alibi polo shirt and a matching baseball cap worn at a jaunty little angle.

As I set to work pouring the drink into little sample cups, I was almost blinded by the toxic coloured liquid that poured out of the can. Alibi may well be packed full of natural ingredients, but it sure doesn’t look like it. And as I took my first gulp of the stuff I realised that not only did it look toxic, it tasted pretty toxic too.

I slighlty panicked. This promotional business would not be as easy as I’d anticipated. But not afraid of a little challenge, I was determined to look over such minor details as taste and appearance and ensure that every employee leave their lunch fully informed about Alibi.

Much to my relief and surprise the employees seemed to almost like the drink. They even feigned interest in my sales pitch and some actually brought cans.

But just as I was getting a bit cocky, the bombshell dropped.

Three tall, good-looking boys were approaching me. Instead of feeling a little flirtation coming on, I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment. Much to my disbelief, I knew all three boys – we  had all been at university together. Whilst they looked dapper and corporate, I looked like an American drive-thru girl. Suddenly I wasn’t so proud of my baseball cap.

Before I could run and hide, one of the boys asked with a raised eyebrow:

So KK… is this what you’re doing now you’ve graduated?

I mumbled some vague answer and rather nervously offered the guy a sample of the drink

Errrrrh! That’s disgusting! … Oh well good luck with the promotion. See you around

Gosh! I felt thoroughly awkward. But then after a minute or two I realised that I was actually having quite a fun time. In fact I was having a hoot. I loved chatting away to curious faces and I got such a buzz from my occasional sale.

What’s more, as everyone filed back to their desks, to sit at their computers and carry on working, my shift was coming to an end.

Maybe promoting Alibi wasn’t that bad after all. I quite liked adding a touch of fizz into the boring corporate world.