I’ve had some good news. After months of franticly applying I’ve finally secured myself a decent internship. I’m now working in the weirdly wonderful world of theatre. It’s not quite where I thought I’d end up, but so far so good.

Now I’ve not had that much experience of the corporate world, but I like to think that I’ve got a vague idea about working in the real world.   nothing could have prepared me for the chaos of working in theatre. On my very first day I was thrown head-first into proceedings and sent out on a ‘business meeting’ with the Marketing Manager.

Emerging out of Pimlico station, we marched past a row of majestic mansions, then hurried through a rundown estate before we found ourselves in a dingy church hall. This was the location of our meeting.  Barely briefed on what the meeting was about, I was taken by surprise at every turn.

Once we had walked through the threshold of the church hall, we left London behind and entered into another world. Hobbits were running around everywhere, Gandalf was pacing up and down, and the silhouette of Smaug the Dragon was ominously flickering in the background.

No, I was not dreaming, this really was Middle Earth. Or at least a mocked up version of it. We had come to meet the producer of the stage version of ‘The Hobbit.’ The producer was wonderfully theatrical with wild curly hair and a rasping RADA voice and was accompanied by her overtly homosexual assistant. This really was quite a fascinating introduction.

Now I always try and make a respectable first impression, but I truly struggled to keep a straight face in my first ever marketing meeting. Although I was meant to be focusing on advertising budgets, I couldn’t help but gawp at dwarfs practising their break-dancing moves.

The most baffling fact of all was that everyone else felt like it was entirely normal to have mythical creatures dance around us as we discussed sales figures. As I struggled to suppress my smirk the Marketing Manager remained completely composed.

Gosh, I’ve got a way to go before I coul ever be that professional. But I have a feeling that I will enjoy this new job.