A dinner party is something I’ve always associated with grown ups. The idea of having a select group of people sitting around a table just seems so sophisticated and dare I say it – stiff. But over recent months, my entire impression of dinner parties has changed.

One party that really helped to change my mind was ‘The Fast Candlelight Dinner.’ This wasn’t just a casual get-together, this was a formal event with a formal invite. Ladies were informed to wear: “Fast Cocktail Dress,” Gentlemen: “Racing Blazer.” It all sounded slightly ominous.

The date of the party loomed and as I headed to Knightsbridge, donning my ‘Fast Cocktail Dress,’ I was ever  curious to discover what the whole thing was all about.

The night kicked off in serious style with oysters and champagne. But things took a surprise turn when the host marched us down the Brompton Road to the local McDonald’s. This is where the ‘fast’ dinner party continued… Our creative host had hired out the bottom room of the fast-food chain, pushed all the tables together, and thrown a long white table cloth across to form an impressive trestle table. He then decorated it with antique candelabras,beautiful porcelain plates and heir-loom cutlery.

The fourteen of us then proceeded to eat Big Macs and drink milkshakes whilst the rest of the McDonald’s clientele looked on at us in pure astonishment. We may have looked hidiously pretentious, but the idea was uniquely genius. Minimum effort, but maximum effect. Who say’s you have to follow the rules to have a good party?