Everywhere I look in London these days, there seems to be a new bagel shop cropping up.

Last week, I sampled the latest offering to hit Tottenham Court Road. After a lengthy wait in the queue, I finally left the place with a hole in my sandwich and a considerable hole in my pocket. I had spent the best part of a fiver on a dense piece of dough with a bloody hole in it.

No matter how popular the bagel may be, I for one, don’t like it. In fact as a rule, I’m suspicious of ALL foods with holes in the middle.

I went to Pizza Express the other day and rather smugly ordered the ‘Leggera’ option. Nothing can express my disappointment when the most expensive pizza on the menu arrived with a gaping hole in its middle. In place of that gorgeous mozzarella centre (I think we’ll all agree – the best bit of any pizza) was a pesky bit of foliage pretending to be a salad.

Another example is the rather gruesome American export – the Krispy Kreme. Can any one explain its rubber ring ergonomics? If we just remember the classic jam doughnut for a minute, we will be reminded of the glorious strawberry flavoured goo that’s concealed in the middle. In my humble opinion it’s the crowning glory of the whole thing.

So how can people get away with serving hollow food and charging twice the price? Well it remains a mystery to me. I’m just going to stick to the WHOLE-some food I know I can trust.